Saturday, February 13, 2010

Catching Up

I decided to create a blog today. Yep, woke up and thought it sounded like a good idea. It's not as hard as it sounds, this is actually my second blog. I was posting fairly religiously on my last blog (about my knitting and my Etsy store) but like all of my fads, that faded. Actually, knitting isn't a fad to me. But each winter I sell a hundred scarves on Etsy and nearly give myself carpal tunnel getting them all knitted by Christmas. Then... I need a break. So my solution is to give myself carpal tunnel entering sweepstakes! :)

On January 21, 2010, I entered my first sweepstake. I went about this new fad my usual way. I was surfing the Internet and read an article about a woman who won a Camaro. Instantly I saw myself surrounded with items I could win, an Xbox, Wii, trips, cars, games, everything I want and can't afford right now. I was hooked!

I checked out a few sweepstakes sites before I decided to join one. I chose to sign up with Online-Sweepstakes (OLS) because they record each sweepstakes you've entered. That way, you don't enter any twice and disqualify yourself, and you can keep track of those you need to enter daily, weekly or monthly. They also have an active forum with great members. I paid $12.50 for a premium membership for 3 months and made a pact, if I didn't win anything worth over that amount within 3 months I wouldn't renew.

I entered about 50-100 sweepstakes a day, until January 26. Then, I received my first Win notification! It was from a website called This site is a place to review books, list those you've read, they also have an extensive list of books they give away each month. There were 10 copies of The Cougar Club being given away and 2601 entrants. And I won a copy!

My second win notification came on February 1 from a finance blog called Make Mine Happen. The blog owner's name is Carrie and her blog talks about how to improve yourself and make your dreams come true. I won a copy of a book called Living in the Trenches. There was one book prize and 43 entrants. Not bad for my first two weeks!

My third win (and my favorite so far) came on February 4 from a parenting blog called Parenting Squad. The blog is full of tips for families. There's actually so much to offer in this blog I can't even list it all! I won a Kraft food basket with all sorts of goodies including Oreos, marshmallows, crackers, cookies, dressing, nuts, chocolate, coffee, recipes, kitchen utensils... the list goes on and on! I can't WAIT to get this one... and neither can my boyfriend.

The last win I received on February 12 is a little touchy. This was a premium sweep, I entered for a 2 night stay at Harrah's Casino in New Orleans. There were several 2nd-5th place prizes of a nights stay at another Harrah's Casino. I entered on February 11 and was instantly notified that I'd won a free night stay at a Harrah's Casino valued at $109! The problem? The casino I can stay at is in New Jersey! I thought about giving up the prize for a few reasons, 1) I have to pay taxes on it, 2) Someone else can use it, 3) When will I ever visit New Jersey? I decided to keep it. Who knows what the next year will hold, maybe I can win some airline miles and fly out there! Or, I can donate it to someone who needs it, or sell it on eBay, or even ask Harrah's if I can use it at the casino here in Cali. I think every win happens for a reason.

Next Post: I just received The Secret... I'm all for thinking positive but I'll let you know if it affects my wins!

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  1. hi and welcome to the blogosphere!!! i am going to be doing giveaways each week if you want to enter and feature them! it is so much fun!