Thursday, February 18, 2010

MMMMMM.... Coffee

Woot! Whoever invented blogs is a genius! Not only do I have a place to vent where no one I know personally will see it (unlike my diary my stepbrother read when I was 16), but I can enter also all these blog giveaways. I won a sample pack of Starbucks VIA coffee from The Flying Salmon, a travel blog. Just looking at the pics of the free spirited ladies who host the site makes me want to jump on a bus and go where e'er the wind may take me! Backpack through Europe perhaps? I don't think I'll be getting there by bus...

I've also been trying to read The Secret lately. For a 140 page book it really is taking me a long time. I know it seems strange, but I can sit down with a novel and temporarily believe in fairies, dragons, time travel, aliens, vampires, magicians, witches, talking mice, Bigfoot and Hogwarts. But I can't suspend my cynicism enough to believe in the power of positive thinking. What would Gandalf say?

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  1. hey, congrats on your wins. i read the secret about two years ago and haven't gotten my million dollars yet. gotta put more vibe into it i think ;-D